Well, I didn’t see that coming. I was so confident of a ‘remain’ vote that we haven’t transferred any money into rupees for our trip. That short-sightedness is going to be very costly.

We live in a time of massive change in the UK and the future is uncertain. Hopefully Brexit will remind us that the future (from our perspective) is always uncertain – and therefore we should put our trust in the LORD.

I’m sure we will be discussing this for years to come, but here are my initial thoughts:

  • Western politics is in meltdown as we start to realise that democracy is not a panacea that cures all known ills. The debate has assumed an arrogant and patronising tone – both sides have merely made assertions without engaging with the arguments of the other side. Western democracy is good but it cannot change human hearts. Events on the other side of the pond are no coincidence…
  • Neither side comes out well from this.
  • Right wing politics tends to be realistic about human nature but selfish and racist. (Let’s be honest immigration, especially through Turkey, has been the big factor here.) I have been surprised by how many immigrants support Brexit – the message I hear from this is that others should be denied my good fortune… I’m okay, so let’s close the door. The right needs to own our racism and greed.
  • Left wing politics tends to be more generous but completely idealistic about human nature. Nigel Farage is a product of the left – we need to take responsibility for creating UKIP by refusing to address the real and messy issues that mass immigration has produced. The English and Welsh (especially) are fed up with champagne socialists whose wealth largely protects them from the negative consequences of becoming a multi-cultural society. (There are very positive benefits of immigration which the wealthy enjoy while protected from the downsides.) The Left needs to admit that human nature is not naturally good and that western liberal democracy will not automatically make all problems disappear.

Therefore it will come as no surprise to you … I hope … for me to say that our only hope is the gospel of Jesus Christ. Read the gospels. Jesus was very realistic about human nature. He knew that people are not naturally good. The left need to listen to him. However, he also called his disciples to ‘love their neighbour’ – a message the right needs to hear just as much. Brexit is a wake up call to our nation. Will we heed it?