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September 9th – Worldviews

by John Smuts

I had thought I had finished my Sabbatical posts but here is one last one before I write up a report for the LT at church. Two books have both referred to a helpful framework about worldviews in mission across the globe. Brian Nelson leant me The 3D Gospel before I left for Sri Lanka […]

September 5th – Church Leadership

by John Smuts

Another issue I always asked about on my travels was church leadership – what forms of leadership they were used to and which forms seem to be most effective in South Asia. Across Sri Lanka, North and South India, I got pretty much the same answer. The mainline churches were characterised by weak and ineffective […]

September 3rd – Living in England

by John Smuts

“… Upon this charge, cry ‘God for Harry! England and Saint George!” (Henry V) For centuries England has been a Christian nation. By that I mean that our Kings & Queens have been Christians, the state church has been Christian and our government has privileged the Christian religion. Whether England ever was a truly Christian nation […]

September 2nd – Good News!

by John Smuts

So much of the ministry we saw in South Asia was good news to the local community. Whether it was in the drug rehab centre working in the slums of Colombo or the Christian hospital treating snake bites in Varanasi, it was very good news to the locals. As a result such organisations are thought […]

September 1st – Expectancy

by John Smuts

One of the things that impressed me while away was the level of expectancy among believers in South Asia. This is certainly one positive aspect of Pentecostalism that I hope we can learn from in the UK. Generally speaking there is a simple (again, not naive) faith in God and in the gospel of Jesus […]