Bible Reading Resources for Children and Families

Beginning with God (preschoolers)

XTB (for 7-10 year olds)

Table Talk (links to XTB – for the family together)

Devotional Dippers

Bible Reading Resources for Young People

Youth Bible in One Year The ‘Youth Bible in One Year’ is a condensed Bible plan for young people. If you haven’t started yet why not pick it up now!? 

Discover Bible Reading Notes

Engage Bible Reading Notes

Engage 365: Beginnings and Endings

Children’s Bibles

God’s Big Promises Bible Storybook

The Gospel Story Bible

The Beginners Bible

The Big Picture Story Bible

The Biggest Story Bible Storybook

International Children’s Bible

Bible Stories every child should know

Youth Bibles

Engage Youth Bible

NIV Journalling Bible

Music Recommendations

Awesome Cutlery

Dumb Rocks

Sovereign Grace Music

Bible apps on App store and Android

The Bible App for Kids

Minno Kids

YouVersion – Is a Bible reading app that will help you develop reading plans

Bible Project App – Videos and Bible Reading Plans