The youth ministry at RLBC is centred around fellowship and discipleship. We believe that the faith of Christian young people thrives best within an intergenerational Church family.

As young people spend time together sharing their faith, they build each other up, encouraging and inspiring one another to be more like Christ.


We meet on most Sunday mornings during the 10.30am service and aim to follow the sermon series along with the rest of the Church family with careful application to young people.  You can expect a welcoming friendly group that wants to learn more about Jesus. The group is primarily aimed at those in Year 7 to Year 10.  Usually on one Sunday each month we stay with the adults to listen to the sermon or are part of an All-Together service.

As our young people enter Year 10 we encourage them to consider serving in different ways such as in the children’s groups, stewarding, playing in the band and on the audio-visual team.  We also want to develop their ability to listen well to sermons and are working towards encouraging the older youth in this.


Our youth gathering currently happens once a month on a Friday evening from 6.45-8.30pm.  Dates are on the church calendar.  This is for youth in Year 7-13.  You can expect a friendly welcome and a mix of games, social time and digging into the Bible together.

Further Youth activities

Our young people both participate in, and help to lead Lighthouse events which take place in school holidays for children in Year 3-6 alongside our youth.  In addition, our young people are involved in the life of the church in various ways, such as helping with community outreach events including our annual Holiday Bible Club.

Most months we run a Community Kitchen on the second Saturday of the month from 1pm to 3pm.  A free meal is provided alongside time for games and chatting to one another.  Families are very welcome to join us!


We recognise that the Bible tells us that the primary responsibility for discipleship of young people is given to their parents. As a Church family, we seek to support and encourage parents in this role, working together in partnership.  This partnership takes various forms – practical support, prayer, sharing resources and equipping parents. Some helpful resources for children, young people and parents can be found here.

On a Sunday morning a short activity is often included while we are all together to introduce the theme of the Bible passage to everyone and a discussion question is provided for all ages to follow up together after the service.

Twice a year, we hold a Church Family Forum – for parents, grandparents, those working with children and young people, and everyone else who wants to pray for and support families, which seeks to cover different topics.  Our next one will be on Saturday 16th March 2024 and will be run by Growing Young Disciples.  The topic is Raising Kids for Christ.

Please email us for further details about our youth ministry.