Part of my Sabbatical involves reading – books about Tamil language and culture, cross-cultural ministry, world Christianity, the church in general. Some novels too.


Here is my current list but I’d love to hear other suggestions …


The Next Christendom, Philip Jenkins

Turning the Tables on Mission, Olofinjana, Edwards, Gidoomal

Liberating the Gospel, David Smith

Desiring the Kingdom, James Smith

How (not) to be secular, James Smith


Anil’s Ghost, Michael Ondaatje

Cry, the beloved country, Alan Paton

Between the assassinations, Aravind Adiga


In the shadow of the Sword, Tom Holland

The book that made your world, Vishal Mangalwadi

Between Worlds, Marilyn Gardiner

History and fallacies, Carl Trueman

Battling the Gods, Tim Whitman

The Moral Vision of the NT, Richard Hays

Galileo’s middle finger, Alice Dreger