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For update information on all of the Church’s activities check out our blogs. You will also find details of John’s recent sabbatical in Sri Lanka and India where he visited various churches and organisations to see how God’s word is put into action.

September Blogs

by Rebecca Edward

To find out about the final leg of John’s sabbatical in India, click on the links below. September 1st – Expectancy September 2nd – Good News! September 3rd – Forever England September 5th – Church Leadership September 9th – Worldviews

August Blogs

by Rebecca Edward

For details of John’s adventures during his sabbatical in Sri Lanka and India during the month of August, check out the links below. August 2nd – trains n’ planes August 5th – Christianity in India August 6th – Toda Party August 7th – a multi-cultural church?   August 9th – Indian Bible Translators August 10th […]

July Blogs

by Rebecca Edward

Links to our July posts can be found below. July 4th – Independence Day July 5th – Dubai July 6th – Zion Inn July 7th – Found in Translation July 8th – HCF July 10th – Anniversaries July 12th – Community Concern July 14th – Pentecostalism July 15th – Religion July 17th – all the […]

June Blogs

by Rebecca Edward

Find links to all our June blog posts here: June 8th – Flood Training June 14th – Orlando Shootings June 16th – lots of books June 21st – EMA June 24th – Brexit! June 25th – James & Jenni June 27th – Brexit: think of the children!

John’s Sabbatical

by Rebecca Edward

Hi Everyone, Through the wonders of the inter-web thingy I am going to try to post regular updates throughout my Sabbatical. That way you can follow our family travels through Sri Lanka and my trip to India. I will try to include photos to make it a bit more interesting but will also give reflections […]