Today was a lesson in translation for communication.

The day started with trying to give to a taxi driver the address of the Colombo Theological Seminary. Even writing it down in English didn’t work since being able to speak a little English is not always the same as being able to read Latin script. Thankfully other people helped.

We arrived (late!) to college chapel, just before one of the students had her turn to preach in chapel. Abi (no, not that one) preached in English and was then translated by one faculty member into Singalese and then by another student (who speaks Singalese but not English) into Tamil!

We were so impressed by the fantastic work of CTS. It was especially wonderful to meet the Prinicpal (Ivor Poobalan) and the Academic Dean (Mano Emmanuel) who were both at LBC at the same time as us (John & Emily… and Hudson Zimba!) The college building itself is going up (literally), with work on floors 4 and 5 happening at the moment, and CTS now has 9 centres across Sri Lanka. There are great challenges but so much to thank God for – we are excited about the future of this wonderful college.