Monday mornings during term time
9.45am to 11.45am

Little Tykes Car

Our Toddler Group meets every Monday during school term time from 9.45am to 11.45am.  We aim to provide a safe and friendly environment for Toddlers to explore and learn through play and an opportunity for their parents/carers to meet and chat in a relaxed setting.

All the Leaders at Toddlers are volunteers who attend the Church.  We know that bringing up children is not always easy and are happy to discuss any problems or concerns you have.  We will also be happy to pray for you if you so wish.

Our Toddler Group currently has a waiting list.   If you wish to add your child’s name to the waiting list, please call in at the Church Office and complete a Toddler Registration Form. Please email Karen Sanders (Children and Families Worker) for further information.

Toddler Dates 
We are CLOSED until further notice due to government restrictions around COVID-19. We are hoping to meet via Facebook live. Do get in touch for information!

Information for Toddler Parents & Carers
Parents & Carers are responsible for the safety and welfare of their own children, and must remain on the premises at all times.  To make sure the club runs happily and safely we have set out a few guidelines for everyone as follows:

  • Please enter the premises by going down the drive and through the side gate.  Please close all outside doors firmly when you arrive and leave to prevent any child from getting out onto the
  • Parking on the premises is very limited.  If you do bring a car, please park as far over to the left on the drive as you can, to ensure that there is room for buggies to manoeuvre!
  • Please ensure all buggies/prams are parked safely in the sports hall.  If your child is sleeping, the buggy may be parked to the side of the room you are in.
  • Coats should be hung on pegs through the door on your right as you enter the main rooms that we use.  Bags should also be left on pegs or windowsills but NOT on the floor or chairs where children can reach!
  • Toddlers is a time to meet other parents and to play with your child. So please try to leave your phone in a bag rather than spending the session messaging or on social media!  Remember your child learns from your example!
  • There is a charge of £1 per family per session. Your first visit is free.  We ask all families to complete a registration form for each child.
  • Toddlers starts at 9.45am and finishes at 11.45am.  We start clearing up at 11.30am and ask everyone to help to tidy some toys before leaving.
  • Refreshments – we ask that children stay seated at the tables for their drink and biscuit and that they do not take them into the carpeted areas.  Please clean up any spillages immediately – the tea ladies will get cloths, paper towels or mops for you.  Please do not enter the kitchen.  If you require water for heating bottles please ask any of the team members.
  • Singing time – please keep your child by your side or on your lap and help them to join in.  If they run around in the middle this disrupts the singing.  No one will mind if you need to take them to another room to play. No toys are allowed to be used in the singing room during that time.
  • If your child is in need of first aid, please speak to one of the leaders who will be able to take appropriate action.
  • We ask you to accompany your child to the toilet.  Please ensure that used nappies are not flushed down the toilet but placed in the nappy bins provided.
  • Please keep in touch!  If you do not attend for four weeks without letting us know, your place may be given to someone else as there is often a waiting list.