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Links to faith resources that you might find helpful to use with your children.

Engaging with a livestream service

Weekly Resource Sheets – at RLBC Updates

The Gospel Coalition: 5 tips for church at home with kids

Parenting for Faith: Ideas for helping kids engage with online church

YouTube Video Channels

Faith in Kids (Family Bible Times & Junior Jivers)

Michael Tinker

Duggie Dug Dug

Bible Apps

Guardians of Ancora – an online Bible game aimed at 8-11’s

Superbook Kids Bible App

Youversion Bible App for Kids

Children’s Bibles and Bible story books

Jesus Storybook Bible

Beginners Bible

International Children’s Bible

The Gospel Story Bible

Everything a child should know about God

Stories Jesus told

Resources to use at home

The Greatest Story Ever – discover the overarching story of the Bible together as a family.

The Good Book Company – things to use at home together

Faith in Kids – Lots of resources, blogs and podcasts for both parents and children

Kitchen Table Project – Inspiring a faith that lasts

Family Bible Times

The Good Book Company – Table Talk

10ofthose.com – Devotional Dippers

Seeds Family Worship – Memory Verse and Family Devotion Videos

Bible Project – Learn the Bible for free online!

Jesus Storybook Bible. Video episodes and Printable Devotional Pages

10ofthose Bedtime Stories

Parenting for Faith – Equipping parents to raise God-connected children and teens

YouTube Music Channels

Awesome Cutlery

Dumb Rocks Music

Colin Buchanan

Nick & Becky Drake (Worship for Everyone)

Sovereign Grace Music

Holiday Bible Club songs

Here are some links to lyric videos for some of the songs we have sung at Holiday Bible Club in recent years

Big Family of God

If God made the sun

Choose yourself today

I will always be with you

10, 9, 8 God is great

Christ Jesus came into the world

God can do anything, anything at all

For I know the plans I have for you

For God so loved the world

Do not be frightened, Do not be afraid (Be Strong, Take Courage)

Never Give Up (The rain may be falling)

Our God is a great big God

Are you ready for a big adventure?

My Lighthouse

Rainbow (It’s not a secret)

Trust in the Lord with all your heart

Man looks on the outside

God made me who I’m meant to be

F.R.O.G. (Fully Rely on God)

God’s love is bigger than a burger

Creator God