Sixty-six books, forty authors, written over nearly 2,000 years, in many different genres. A worldwide best-seller published in countless translations and languages. A book that has been sworn by in court, fought over, and quoted in arguments. Clearly, the Bible is no ordinary book. – God’s Big Picture, Vaughan Roberts

So how can we begin to read and understand the Bible as a whole?

This course is designed to help you get to grips with the whole story of the bible from Genesis to Revelation helping you get a better understanding of chronology of events, types of literature and God’s salvation plan throughout history.

No matter whether you have read the bible for years or have just started reading the bible we hope this course will open your eyes to God’s word afresh.

Each session takes place on Sunday evening from 6:30pm at RLBC in the Oak room. The dates and sessions are listed below.

Oct 12th Genesis 1-11
Oct 19th Genesis 12-50
Oct 26th Exodus – Deut
Nov 2nd  (Break – Youth service)
Nov 9th Joshua – Judges
Nov 16th Ruth – 2 Chronicles
Nov 23rd Job – Song of Songs
Nov 30th Ezra – Nehemiah
Dec 7th Isaiah – Malachi

You can find previous sessions of this course here as they become available.