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Bible study resources for Young People and their families

Listed below are some online Bible study resources for young people and the family.

Energize Is a great online resource centre for Bible study.  This is mainly used by youth leaders but Energize has opened up their platform for parents to be added too! Please let us know if you would like to be added.

Video Bible Talks Each Bible teaching video is 10-15 minutes long and includes accompanying leader guides for follow up discussions.

Bible Month A series of 30-day study courses to increase your knowledge and understanding of individual books of the Bible for church groups of all ages.

Youth Bible in One Year The ‘Youth Bible in One Year’ is a condensed Bible plan for young people. If you haven’t started yet why not still pick up now!? 

Bible apps on App store and Android

YouVersion – Is a Bible reading app that will help you develop reading plans

Engage: Youth Daily Bible App – by Scripture Union also with audio

Online video conference

Spring Harvest Home Spring Harvest have had to cancel their gatherings, so are instead inviting you to join them with virtual all-age and specific Youth opportunities with ‘Spring Harvest at Home’ with the theme ‘Unleashed – The Acts of the church today.  The video link gives further information and the sessions should all be available until the end of April.

Prayer Resources

Prayer spaces In response to the Coronavirus pandemic, Prayer Spaces has produced a series of five COVID-19 prayer activities that pupils can do at home, either on their own or with their families.