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For details of John’s adventures during his sabbatical in Sri Lanka and India during the month of August, check out the links below.

August 2nd – trains n’ planes

August 5th – Christianity in India

August 6th – Toda Party

August 7th – a multi-cultural church?


August 9th – Indian Bible Translators

August 10th – Chicken Madras

August 11th – Tamil Q&A

August 12th – Delhi

August 13th – Airport culture

August 14th – The Ganges

August 15th – Independence Day

August 16th – Mumbai

August 19th – Facing death

August 20th – Periyar Tiger Reserve

August 22nd – Coffee

August 23rd – taking the bull by the horns

August 25th – the very bottom of India

August 26th – Pastoring the Pastors

August 28th – Help, I’m a celebrity, get me out of here!

August 30th – Theological Education & Training I

August 30th – Theological Education & Training II

August 30th – Theological Education & Training III